Вт. Мар 28th, 2023

When God wants to punish a person,
he deprives him of reason.
Ancient Wisdom


The “authority” and “people” of Russia are doing everything very precisely according to the diabolical plan for the destruction of their country and themselves!

The “people” stupidly (and with pleasure) swallowed everything that turned them into a stupid, vile and spineless sheep, that destroy them along with the Motherland.

The gangster “power” is doing everything to ensure that this enemy plan for the destruction of Russia is brought to an end. Therefore, the “people” and the Russian Federation have come to their natural and terrible end.

And now nothing and no one (especially Putin with a gang of robbers and traitors to Russia) will save stupid Russians from the inevitable collapse of a completely rotten “country”, and the complete disappearance of Russians as a nation, because everything – “the government”, “the country” and “the people” – has rotted to the very foundation. There is nothing left to rot further – that’s why the natural reckoning has come. And now everyone in the Russian Federation who leads a stupid, dark and criminal life according to diabolical concepts will receive Karma in full!

Life itself will punish them for their vile and worthless, thickheaded life, and for the treacherous attitude to their Motherland, captured by bandits and enemies, for non-human indifference to ongoing satanism around!

Life will punish them for the fact that voluntarily (without fighting) they accepted this diabolical plan of self-destruction and they themselves, insanely, meanly and treacherously, took an active part in the destruction of a bright life, for themselves and for Russia! They began to live like rotten, criminal garbage.

Life will punish them also for the fact that they pounce on the slightest truth about what is happening in the country, like  jackals, with an evil growl and grunt.  And they are ready to kill everyone who calls for Reason and the salvation of the Motherland, but now the Russians have already sunk to the point that they almost universally supported the openly fascist war in Ukraine!

Not understanding and not wanting to understand that this is a monstrous crime against humanity and the situation is deadly dangerous for our Earth!

Therefore, the insane “patriotism” of self-wounded, soulless and heartless Russians is now more like a coven of mentally ill idiots isolated in a madhouse. And they are completely unaware that they will all be killed soon.

After all, this insane, satanic Putin war really leads not only to the collapse and disintegration of the Russian Federation, but also to the complete destruction of our Planet!

Has anyone thought about this?

The mentally ill, manic Putin is not just threatening with a red button, but threatens the real death of all mankind – every person on Earth, аll over our planet!

 And he can do it, because, in fulfilling Allen Dulles’ diabolical plan to destroy Russia, Putin has already reached such a point of betrayal that he has lost everything human that was in him. Naturally he turned into an immoral and mentally ill criminal, ready for everything.

If someone does not understand this, then he is either a dead sheep or the same terminally ill with darkness as Putin.

But for every reasonable person now there is nothing more important than to remove this sinister focus of darkness in the Kremlin, along with all of Putin’s rotten and thuggish entourage. The very fate of the Earth and humanity will depend on it!

There is no hope for the vast majority of “people” – Russians, for this rotten garbage. They have already been deprived of life and they have only hell ahead of them.

As for the Russian Army, it would be better if these “defenders of the Fatherland” dealt with the gangster power, crime and werewolves in a similar way! And they would really become patriots and defenders of their homeland.

But turning a blind eye to the bandit lawlessness in the country, they like Putin have become traitors to Russia!

This “military special operation” is not at all like a war with the Banderites – it goes with the Ukrainian people! It is very reminiscent of the invasion of the fascist hordes during the Great Patriotic War.

Therefore, now all hope is for help from Above and for unprecedented events that will wake up those who are still alive with thunder and lightning.

And how they, realizing the terrible threat, will accept life-saving Help and begin to act – so everything will turn out for our Homeland, Planet and earthlings.

The Time has come for the last and decisive choice for all mankind and every inhabitant of the Earth!

But if the Russians do not want to understand that they, like the last sheep, are being led to hell, let them not be surprised that soon it will fall upon them.

Only the most stupid still do not understand that Putin, obsessed with darkness, and his dark, immoral pack went against Life itself and put the planet itself on the brink of destruction.

Therefore, the response of Life will be the most formidable and effective, up to unprecedented terrible viruses and catastrophes. And until the complete destruction of the Russian Federation and all its rotten inhabitants.

And those who now, because of their darkness and stupidity, do not believe in this terrible Reality will soon be convinced of this.

You can’t kill others and stay alive!

You can’t take a swing at the life of the Planet and go unpunished!

It is impossible to be indifferent and survive at such a fateful Time!

You can’t turn a Mission Country into a rotten, gangster sewer!

You can’t live a stupid and dark, inhuman life according to gangster concepts!

There will naturally be a reckoning for all this and it’s already coming!


We are very sorry for some possible mistakes in the text! And we would appreciate you, if you could tell us about such mistakes.

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